Tips When Selecting Your Reception Venue

Stock photo of wedding reception correlating with blog post about tips to consider when selecting wedding reception site.

Happy Monday everyone! We are desperately trying to find motivation in any form on this cloudy and dull day. Taylor and Ashton are slowly putting together more pieces of their wedding puzzle, having completed a consultation with a DJ, going over photography services, and chatting with friends about their own experiences over this weekend. We now present our next tip list that hopefully will help you in selecting your dream reception venue for your own special day!

1. Always make sure your date is still open! This is probably theeeee most important item to keep in mind. It would be a waste of time to view any venue if it's already booked solid, so be sure to call ahead and check with your consultant so everyone is on the same page.

2. Ask how many guests your venue can accommodate. You should always ensure that there are enough tables and seats if you have a large party or, on the flip side, just enough room for a smaller group so everyone is comfortable. It's also a good idea to ask how many guests can be seated at each table so you can properly map out a seating chart when the time comes. If you plan on utilizing chargers (larger, "decorative" platters that go under the dishes you eat from), this may affect the amount of guests per table due to sizing.

3. Ask if the venue is accessible. If you have any guests that are elderly, have disabilities, or have children (and therefore strollers or carriers), it's a blessing to have ramps and elevators that make getting around a bit easier. If you are considering a venue whose layout has been "grandfathered in" and therefore does not need to meet accessibility expectations, ask if there are any options on how guests can reach your specific hall or room.

4. Ask if you are sharing any part of the overall venue site with other parties. Taylor and Ashton have visited venues in which they learned that there could be as few as one wedding or as many as four weddings per evening. Think about what you may share with those other parties--restrooms, hallways, parking spots, temporary walls, etc.--and the possibility that guests could get lost going to the right hall or that loud music from another room may drift into yours. With the right planning, however, these are items that could be fixed or avoided!

5. Check your specific hall or room for any type of obstructions. Are there any poles, walls, statues, etc. that will stand in between your guests' tables and the dance floor, sweetheart table, or table of honor? If you decide to have a buffet-style meal, how many food stations will be set up, and will they be in an area for everyone to easily access? Selecting a venue that has few obstructions and/or an ample amount of strategically placed food/bar stations will make the evening relaxed and enjoyable for everyone!

These are probably the most important items to keep in mind, but obviously, the reception venue is only one part of a huge celebration--therefore, if you have any other ideas or tips in mind, share them by leaving a comment below!

Stock photo of wedding reception correlating with blog post about tips to consider when selecting wedding reception site.

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