When Life Gives You Lemons, Wear Them!

2020 has been quite a year so far, hasn't it? It's probably safe to say that the world is an entirely different place than what it was on December 31, 2019. It's been rough for everyone. And at this point, all we can wish for you, our wonderful readers, is your health, safety, and happiness. We truly hope things will take a turn for the better soon and that we can all prosper physically, mentally, financially, socially, and spiritually more than ever.

We have some good news though! The "big project" we referred to in our last post is Taylor's new condo and all of its renovations that are (finally!) almost done! Taylor and Ashton purchased their first home last November, and have used the opportunity of working at home to have new closets installed, doors replaced, and the kitchen remodeled simultaneously. We can't wait to share all the before and after photos once everything is complete!

In the meantime, Taylor is happy to show off a very special dress that she absolutely loves! Purchased in downtown Lake Geneva a year or two ago, this "Lemon Dress" is a comfy and cute piece designed by Mata Traders. Mata Traders focuses on fair trade practices and aims to make an impact on global poverty, fight gender inequality, empower women, and much more in their fashion journey (to learn more about their mission, click here). While this particular dress is no longer in stock, their "Asheville Dress Citrine" piece serves as a nearly identical replica, which is available in regular and plus sizes. Bonus: IT HAS POCKETS!

So why wait a year or two in writing a post about this wonderful dress? Well, Taylor believed that only the right accessories could work with it, and in her mind, those were a yellow handbag and yellow ballet flats. Unfortunately, matching accessories in yellow were hard to come by for a very long time. Luckily for Taylor, a leftover Nordstrom note got her online, and she found a pair of her favorite Sam Edelman "Felicia" flats in a pale yellow color on sale. Taylor also picked up the "Pebble Leather Phone Crossbody Wallet" by MICHAEL Michael Kors during a recent chance encounter at Macy's--its hue a perfect match to that of the flats. These purchases allowed her to finally put the outfit together, just the way she wanted!

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